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Sustainable Transport Herefordshire

Who Are We?

We are a small group of professionals who embrace transport and land use planning, economics, the environment and who see into the future and learn from the past.

The realisation that future transport has to change led to the formation of the Herefordshire Sustainable Transport Group in 2017 (HSTG).

We publish under the title of Sustainable Transport Herefordshire.

Our principal aim is to examine and study innovative, environmental and economic changes in transport that can be applied to Herefordshire’s current transport problems. We seek to work with the local transport authority, local MPs, the Department for Transport, transport operators and community groups in planning the future.

HSTG is an Independent Group allied to Rail & Bus for Herefordshire and the Herefordshire Transport Alliance.

For a full list of our reports in PDF format contact:

Gareth Calan Davies (

Carole Protherough (

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